How to order your exclusive Animistic Artwork

Given the high number of options available, the easiest way we have found to keep choices open is to take orders personally.We are happy to work with you to find the most suitable form of artwork for your needs.

Although I am also happy to supply signed giclee prints, the price will obviously reflect the process, the prints listed here are of a high quality, but also at a price that makes them accessible to a higher number of people hoping to change their living space.


Use the contact form to let us know-

1- which image you are interested in

2- your ideal size

3- the type of reproduction you are interested in, or if would like to enquire if the original painting is still available.

4- the address you’d like your artwork to be delivered to

5- Provide an email address for a PayPal invoice, or

For Payments by BACS -Account number  00313633   Sort code  11-03-77