Catching Visions – My Art

Hello I’m Cheryl Jenkins.

About You🌿

I have a great interest in how the visual stimulous that you surround yourself with in everyday life influence your mindset.

The energy of a room,or piece of art,  that you interact with on a daily basis has more effect on your decisions, successes and general wellbeing than is at first apparent, creating vibrations with colour, subject matter and personal response that you subconsciously align with and carry throughout your day.

It follows that the things that you see on a daily basis, at work or in your home, may just be supporting, raising your vibration to attract a day full of upliftment and synchronicity. But, what if you are subconsciously lowering your mood, you may be allowing yourself to be open to, and magnify any negative interactions you may encounter.

Your environment is basically the next layer of your existence after your clothes, it carries its own energy signatures just as do your favourite red dress encourages your confidence and charisma. These layers interact with your way of being,  just as the magnetic flow of your heart stimulates emotional reactions within you.

My work over the years has brought me to need close relationships with my clients, and I have come to realise that the many things that I have become aware of through my spiritual research are always the best received conversations whilst I’m working on their designs. This is what has inspired me to start this webpage to share some of my learnings and experiences.



From an early age, I have had a love for nature, and expressed myself through painting, drawing and sculpture. This constant passion for art led me to achieve a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. After regularly exhibiting, I became interested in tattooing as an art form in 1999, and subsequently opened two custom studios- this was at a time when this service was still a rare commodity. Surprisingly, I have often felt that my spiritual openness has been very important in my tattoo work, and have on more than one occasion been told that I have made a tattoo in the image of a loved one without even knowing them, or have created a design to the reaction ‘you must have read my mind! It’s perfect!’, which, as you can imagine, has often proved very useful! Even though I continue to run and create within these studios to the present day, and I am probably best known in my spiritual circles for my paintings of spirit guides and animal totems.

Animal Magic 🌿

During my life, my affinity with animals has been a constant, and this, coupled with my 13 years experience working  in the field of psychic art has led me to create the pieces I am inspired to do today. Combining the healing properties of a sympathetic environment, and the power of colours and animal totems, will help you create a space in support of the attributes you hope to manifest within your life.

Crown of Courage

The Universal Language🌿

While researching the art of numerology,I stumbled across a numerologist who has developed an ‘idea’ surrounding the attributes of the ‘zero point field ‘,this is a dimension where the ability to manipulate and manifest is infinite ( to avoid complication I will elaborate on this in a future post)  This is actually based on the concept that to communicate your desires you are better off speaking the universal language, that of energetic frequencies.


I’ve often been asked if I paint auras, but I don’t so much see auras as ‘feel’ them , and I am by no means an expert ar reading them,  but I do feel that I paint the ‘energy’ of my subject, rather than a representational image. In a sudden moment of clarity I saw the connection between the zero point field and my painting, like the folding of space to form a wormhole in my mind.. I like to feel that my paintings inspire or intensify certain attributes in the viewer, ancient teachings have based formulas on this idea for centuries, but if the subject was painted in how I imagine the zero point field to be, how much more intense would the images’ power to manifest those attributes be if they were presented in this universal language?

Earth Healing🌿

I am also very interested in using art as a tool for Earth Healing. I am often told that visualising golden light around the earth is powerful in helping raise the vibration of our world as a whole. In this context, I often create pieces that I hope can aid those who find visualisation difficult to send these positive energies by simply viewing the image that I have created using earth colours along with beautiful metallic golds, with an open and giving heart.

This is the inspiration for much of my present work, to develop a painting that may act as a conduit or tool for the manifestation of what you truly desire, a gift for those who may be challenged in their ability to visualise the dance of the energetic world in the form of colour and light.

Connecting Skies


Sometimes the simplest concepts are by far the hardest to put into words, but I am hoping that my work expresses these ideas in a way that is , for the main part, easily accessible and enjoyed whatever your beliefs.

The basis and realisation of Animistic Art has come together through the journey with my husband Lee, and I have undergone over the last 20 years, through the research and discovery of all we find to be extraordinary in our world- a journey that only seems to get richer and more encompassing as time goes on, who knows what we will discover next!


‘all of nature is in us, all of us is in nature’ – John Fire Lame Deer


Lee and Cheryl Jenkins (BA Hons) MIoEE, member of Spiritualists’ National Union – founders of Animistic Art