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It is considered almost general knowledge these days that our body is made up of energy centres called our Chakras, so I won’t delve too deeply into this concept, but more urge your further research if this is still an idea that you are not familiar with.
For the purpose of this blog, I would like to share my interest and categorise characteristics associated with each Energy centre and their corresponding supporting colours, specifically in the application with regards to business growth.

The first Chakra is known as your Root Chakra, and is the base on which all other chakras are built. It is the place which holds your feelings surrounding how stable you feel, for our purposes, how stable does your business feel? If you are self employed, how secure are you in your future custom, or how strong do you think your presence is needed within the company you work for? Your feelings around this may indicate whether your root Chakra is misaligned, if you feel the urge to incessantly chase more money because you simply never feel financially secure, you hoard, ‘just in case you may need it…’, you don’t feel confident to be in a place where your business is thriving (it sounds strange, but there are often anxieties around a very successful business), or you are in constant worry about losing your job for no reason based in reality, then you may find this Chakra needs a little help.
The Energetic colour frequency that supports this is the one found in the red spectrum, strong, hot colours that make a statement in your room, helping you to feel strong, stable and grounded.

Golden Horse

Above this is your Sacral Chakra. This enhances feelings of self worth within your position, it helps you see what you need to be appreciative about regarding your position, and also helps you to strongly express your own ideas within the constraints of your situation. This energetic centre is helped by orange colours, the presence of which may enhance your ability to create new and successful ideas, and give you a greater feeling of self worth, giving you more confidence to express your ideas and taking away any feelings of unworthiness that you may have regarding what you receive from your employer or business. A Sacral Chakra needing support may manifest is such feelings as guilt in what you consider a lack of achievement within your business, or maybe feeling that you are paid, or earn, more than you actually deserve.

Next is the Solar Plexus Chakra, vibrating beautifully with shades of yellow. A lack of energy here creates a similar, but not identical effect as the one below, but more specifically in regards to self respect. Someone who would benefit from having yellow around may look like a boss or employee who gives away there right to an opinion too easily, handing over their power freely to those who may not actually be in a position to deserve it. They wouldn’t have the confidence to feel like they could stand behind the strength of their convictions, and would far too easily back down in matters relating to business decisions, whether they were the one responsible for the final decision or not. This may be typified by a boss who gives their employees too much say in the decision making, maybe through fear of losing them or just a simple lack of true self respect.

Green can be Gold

Supported by greens, your Heart Chakra is the centre of the emotion of love. Although this sounds like an emotion that doesn’t relate so much within the boundaries of the workplace, a lack in this energetic field may manifest in not attracting customers as there are difficulties in connecting on a personal level, or simply not attracting a good job because the lack of love for yourself affects your ability to accept a good position. Also, if you are working in a field where you feel no love for your duties, colleagues, or customers, then that lack will be negatively evident at some level.

The Throat Chakra has an incredibly important energetic value in any aspect a workplace. As suggested, this area governs communication, with regards to both clarity and authenticity. There is not much more important than clear and truthful communication within a business, either between colleagues or with the customers. An under supported throat chakra may mean that, even though you believe you have the greatest product in the world, you are too scared to shout its praises, and ultimately make sales. You may not be able to put problems that you feel between your boss or your colleagues into words, rather staying silent and letting resentment grow, negatively affect the working relationships that you have to deal with everyday. You may not be able to voice praise, creating unappreciated staff or superiors, or maybe it’s difficult for you to have a conversation about money, your discomfort preventing you from creating an open relationship with your boss or staff regarding financial situations, or you maybe not being confident enough to ask for the authentic price for your services or products, down pricing yourself with no reason or encouragement.
If your throat chakra is aligned then you will find it easy to be truthful and open about any aspect of your business, creating close and trusting relationships with your colleagues and clients.

Your Third Eye Chakra is your connection with your intuition, that gut feeling that lets you know if something is just not quite right. In fact, your stomach holds its own ‘brain’, it has electromagnetic fields in the same way as your heart, or your mind, and this particular ‘brain’ deals with self preservation. This is where the term ‘gut feeling’ originated, the term which directly links to survival, be it actually avoiding mishaps dangerous to your well-being, or maybe avoiding a deal or collaboration that could be bad for your business. In some ways, this could be said to be the chakra with the most important ramifications to some types of business, as a clear insight and sharp instinct may be the thing that may make that crucial difference in your ultimate decision making. This energy centre is supported by the colour indigo, and as some writing ink is a beautiful shade of this colour, I find it the perfect medium for images used in support of this.

Miniature ink study

The final point in the bodily Chakra system is the crown Chakra. This is the point of spiritual connection, and in most cases does not really serve the business model in a direct sense. In fact, someone with a highly activated crown chakra may feel that anything business orientated may be trivial compared to the grand scheme of things, and may not relate to money very comfortably.
A positive way to use the energy of this vibration is to accept that money is just an exchange of energy, and is neither good or bad intrinsically, but just an open resource to use in positive ways in your business. There is this false belief, born of repetitive social conditioning, that anyone with a substantial amount of money has to be bad, unkind or selfish in some way to have accumulated wealth and a successful business. However, the successful business person may be the saving grace of his employees by providing a means to obtain paid work for a service they enjoy or are simply able to do easily.It may be that the business is the perfect place for someone to work comfortably and earn a deserved wage for their skills or services, giving them the opportunity to live there lives more fully. There are good and bad employers, and employees, and what is certain is that the accusation of wealth is not the basis of their character traits. A good person will use their wealth for enriching the lives of others at the same time as serving his own; a person filled with envy simply for the reason that someone is wealthier than themselves will lower their own vibrational field, and will be in a mental state to recognise and focus on more reasons in to be envious, and actually damage the energies of the earth as a whole, much more than someone who has simply applied themselves to the task of business building and who is happy in their lives.
A spiritual individual who sees money as a simple means of exchange rather than a product of ‘evil’ will be a very valuable employee or colleague, having the benefit of living a higher existence and seeing cash as a resource to employ in whatever way they chose.

It is important to begin with the fact that, like anything, the more you tailor your space to your own tastes the stronger the influence will be. There is no point, for instance, using a painting created in red tones to stabilise your feelings of stability, if it doesn’t tie in with your decor, or you personally don’t really like the colour red. Having said that, I personally find that I am attracted to different colour schemes depending on which of my chakras are mis-aligned, it’s a kind of inbuilt indicator to the vibrations that you probably are lacking at that time.


I had the urge recently to literally blitz the accessories in my home, claiming ‘ I have no fire colours here!’ (I’m usually much more drawn to blues and greens), later finding, after taking part in a simple online questionnaire for fun, identifying which my energy centres needed support , that it cited the base Chakra, the one supported by the vibrational frequency of red colours. Your instincts for what your mind and body needs are amazingly accurate, always, but it’s often the clarity we have in reading those instincts, and the importance we put on them, that is usually more at fault.
The other factor here is that, unless you have your own personal working space, every individual in the area will have different needs and misalignments, so in this situation, if the idea of chakra balancing for the team is very important to you, the best course of action would be to have a large statement piece of art in full view of all, created with balanced sections of strong chakra colours. The piece does not need to be of any particular genre, just a piece which resonates with the right proportions and colours to show a strong sense of energy balance. Maybe a painting of a scene \with red earth and yellow and green hills, with a blue sky melting into indigos and violets. A beautifully powerful healing landscape. Floral or abract paintings lend themselves easily simply by their diverse nature, or a specific image in chakra colours could be commissioned to cater for the business owners own tastes.


The colour schemes of an office or workplace must be carefully considered, especially if the space is likely to be used for more than one application. In general, two important functions of the colour focus of a room should inspire creativity and productivity, in varying proportions depending on the function of the space. Again, as has been previously mentioned, a colour focus may come from a contrasting feature wall colour, an all over painted but usually more subtle shade, or the addition of statement piece of artwork as a colour generator on a focal wall.

However you choose to utilise using the strength and support of choosing the best colour, I’m sure it will be an enjoyable adventure!

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