Birds of Warning⚡️

On occasion , my animal messangers have brought messages of warning, alerting me to things which I was in aware of, or needed attention.

At one time, a bird with a very distinctive shape kept appearing in my mind, to a point that I asked spirit directly ‘what type of bird is this?’ ‘A Blue Jay’ was the instantaneous answer that came to mind. I knew that I needed to find the meaning of this, an image given on several occasions needs to be taken need of. I referenced the bird in a book I had of Animal Totems and their inspirational meanings, flicking through until I recognised the unusual shape of the bird I’d been seeing, the shape of its head and crest was unmistakable. I was a little surprised to find a section dedicated to this bird to be honest, it wasn’t one I had been familiar with in the past. The text confirmed that it was, as I’d been told, a blue jay ( I’m still shocked when I receive confirmation like this, no matter how consistently it happens)

The attribute that jumped out to me was that it could be an indication that someone was attempting to be underhanded- it’s a strange thing, but the relevant section from the list always seemed to be highlighted to me as I read. I couldn’t really put my finger on who it could be, so I put it to the side of my mind. Over the next two days the amount of physical paranormal activity around me was incredible. I don’t usually experience physical manifestations of energies, only on rare occasions, and I have found this tends to be when spirit is desperately trying to get my attention- quick!

I had doors that don’t usually move, swing open and hit me in the back (needless to say, I at first assumed an alternative reason, expecting to see my bullish dog behind me, banging around as usual, but she was no where to be seen) My hairdryer, which was over the other side of the room, turned on and off several times. I thought the button must have been stuck between settings, but on investigation,it was actually on the off position, and there was no way of positioning it between settings. Wooden ornaments rattled on my drawers with immense strength, causing me to think something had fallen and broken, but I couldn’t see anything that had fallen. I realised the source of the noise later, when I opened a wooden cupboard door and a wooden heart ornament clattered noisily against it. There was no reason for that magnitude of movement earlier in that area, I was alone, and it has never rattled again in that way since that day.

By now, I thought that I was definitely missing something. Surprisingly, the events hadn’t spooked me in any way, when really,they should have caused something of an unease! But I instinctively knew that there was no malice, just desperation to get through.

At this time I was re-negotiating a contract that would lay out the future terms of a lease on a property we were utilising as an art gallery. The property was in an incredibly sort after location, with a price tag to match. The high rent in the first year had crippled any chance of the business taking off profitably, but the landlord, desperate to keep the prestigious gallery in the grounds of his hotel, had offered us very favourable terms to stay trading. The warning made me wonder, as he was known as a cold hearted businessman, and it was the only thing that I could think of that would cause us major issues if he was being opportunistic in pulling the wool over our eyes.

We had discussed the terms at some length verbally, but, because of this nagging thought that maybe this was the issue, I decided to outline the exact terms we’d discussed in an email to make sure it was clarified and that I had evidence of what had been said. It was a good week before his return mail, also outlining what had been ‘agreed’, but worded in a very ambiguous way, putting my husband and I in a contract for way longer than been discussed, and including a major increase in price after the initial deal. This would have had major reprocussions in our financial security, legally binding us to an amount we would, looking at the experience of the past year, no way have been able to keep up payments on. I couldn’t believe how he’d twisted what had been arranged,and I was well aware from the previous year that he would have had no qualms whatsoever in seeing us honour every penny, no matter what the outcome of the business was.

I immediately sent a return email confirming that we had changed our mind with regards to the continuation of the lease, after which he immediately rang and tried to back track on what he had emailed. However, the damage was done, there was no chance of us having any further business dealings with him. If I hadn’t have been plagued with the blue jay’s message, I would have been too trusting, as usual, I wouldn’t have had the urge to put our terms in writing, and he wouldn’t have been exposed as the mercenary he was. His agent informally reinforced our suspicions a few days later, and confirmed he was only backtracking to pacify us as we’d noticed what he was attempting to do, something easily missed ( especially when you are by nature a trusting person) had we not been already alerted to a potential problem.

As you can imagine, future messages did not need so much physical reinforcement to encourage me to listen!

On a second occasion, it was the horned owl that came to my aid.

I have a desk of animal totem cards, and occasionally I feel an urge to choose one. I felt this for several days, and was shocked to pick out the Horned Owl card for three days consistently.

The card encouraged calling on the Horned Owl to see in the darkness, and suggested that something was happening where it could not be seen. It provided protection behind closed doors. I was drawn to the back room of one of my studios, but I felt unable to allocate the meaning behind this card, so I decided to paint the image of a Horned Owl to encourage protection in this space. As the specifics still illuded me, I shared the message with one of my artists, and good friend, who was based in that studio, explaining that I’d been told to keep my eye out for something, and wondered if she’d noticed anything untoward. Unfortunately she could shed no light on the subject either, so I concluded I was being given a preventative or protective gift, to avoid an event that may occur in the future.

Unfortunately, over the following weeks, it transpired that the only artist who usually worked in that room, who, may I add, had been working within my studio for 8 years, and was way above my suspicion, was systematically sifting money from the studio, being decietful with regards to her charging, her appointments, and was even booking in work on days that the studio was closed and not logging it. My eyes were opened to the signs because of the consistency of the message, and when it was noticed, it was painfully obvious to everyone there what was happening. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t noticed before, but you omitt to look for deception where there is no reason for suspicion.

A painful lesson, but a further illustration of how it may be regrettable to not take note of an animal messanger which is showing up on more than one occasion to share its message.

Happily, confirmations and gifts from the animal kingdom usually revolve around much more positive themes, but, as with all things, ther can always be the flip side…


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  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


    1. Hi! It’s so nice you find my blog and great to hear about the Instagram you set up for your lovely sounding cats! Thanks so much for signing up to the newsletter, I will be frequently posting on a lot of exciting work I’ve been busy on so watch out for those!* Cheryl )))

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