is this exhibition earth ?

So, the more I think about EXHIBITION*EARTH, The more difficult it gets to quantify.
It’s massive, expanding, and uncontrollable with regards to boundaries.
I’m now wondering if this is workable as a project, or wheather sub sections are needed, although by deliberately sectioning in this way it may defeat the original idea of illustrating the energetic connection between all things.

The ideas that formed the original concept surrounded all being part of the whole, but I’m now struggling to reign this in, and certainly struggling to put it into words, as I’m not only am I not that proficient in the art of description, but the words of one of my past school art teacher’s has always stuck in my mind, that is – if it takes too many words to describe what your artistic intention is, then it probably won’t work as an image.

This has led me to wonder about working on the idea almost backwards, to have the general ideas in my mind, but try not to focus on any specific aspect, and in this way the true nature of what that idea means to me will hopefully become apparent throughout the course of my work, so that i may learn from it myself as well as communicate it to others.

Directives,in essence (to date!)

*To use the natural elements of our physical world as an exhibition space to compliment the painted/sculpted image, i.e, use the earth as the gallery

*To show how the energetic body of one can influence that of another

*To illustrate that I am, and everything that has come to make me, is in essence part of my art, either mentally, physically or simply by the intention of it’s creation

*To encompass the idea that everything on this earth has been formed from the same elements and circumstances of creation

*To express life in it’s simplest form to illustrate the unity in the building blocks of all things

There seems to be a lot of words and ideas here, all of which could be translated in their most basic or complicated form, when what I’m actually really wanting to explore is simply UNITY

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