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Hello everybody!

I have recently been spending some time forming images from ink with Chinese brushes. I love the spontaneous marks they make…controlled, but also giving their own version of the mark independently to your intention. I started creating trees from the strokes and before I really realised, the trees had melted into the profile of a face. I recognised this and continued to elaborate, then developing the “happy accident”. I then felt the urge to work on top of the piece with a creamy coloured pastel pencil- so the picture turned out incredibly different to the treelined landscape I had in mind.

The next day, a client called Becky Wileman popped in to book an appointment and randomly ( if you’re a believer in random, which I’m not really) told me that she was a spiritual medium. The occasion rarely arises for me to speak about my interest…I had never met this lady before, so she would have no way of knowing of my spiritual pursuits.  She said that she could tell the people who were open to her speaking on the subject and could see a Thai lady, about 8 ft tall, behind me and coloured in gold.

The picture I’d done come to mind immediately, and I got it out and showed it to her. She said with immense enthusiasm “Yes! That’s her!”. The trees now seemed to represent the headdress she spoke of when she described the lady- the photo of the ink drawing will explain what I mean by this. I know some among you will say “Well, I’m sure she would say it was her!”, but there was extra confirmation that sealed it for me. The days previously to this, I had been tapping (this is EFT, if you don’t know about it, I suggest you have a little research- it has worked wonders for me many times and also people close to me that have recommended it too) on feeling organised. I have quite a lot to juggle with the studios and home, family life, tattooing and my art…it was getting a little chaotic.

I told my customer that I hadn’t conciously felt a connection with anyone like that (apart from seemingly drawing her picture!) and she said that this Thai lady is here particularly for organisation and she would like to help you sort out your life! That was it in one, as always, a moment of confirmation that leads to complete belief. I’m constantly in awe, and constantly thankful for the help I get…AND always when I need it most!

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