Enter the magnificent crow


I’d like to share with you a little of how I came to work in harmony with animal totems.

During the meditation that I first encountered Lone Eagle, he lifted his arms and presented himself with beautiful black glossy wings. He explained that it was because he was displaying signs of his totem animal-the crow. He then went on to say that I was also a crow and should embrace it, we have the same character traits, he said, as we attract the same energies in spirit as we put out ourselves. Like attracts like. I was given information from a book ( no easy internet access then!) on having the crow as a totem animal and was astounded at the intricacies and accuracies of what it told me about myself.

Native American Indian totems are dictated by your date of birth, we have many totems, each governing different aspects of our personality, it may be fun to give your own a look up if you don’t already know it?

Several years later a friend who I have always had a good connection with ( on one occasion I had been advised by my guide to smudge my studios, this ,in its simplest form, is where you burn dried sage with a view to clear negative energies- The next day I saw my friend who presented me with a Native American smudge stick that she had brought completely randomly from a market stall because she thought I’d like it) bought me a set of Animal Cards , similar to tarot cards, but using animals and their attributes for help and guidance. They soon became my go to indicators in difficult situations, I resonated with them completely, maybe because I have always felt a deep affinity with the animal kingdom. It’s this connection that inspires me to produce many of my paintings.

Since then, lee and I have been amazed at how clear and relevant a message from the animal kingdom can be, whether I am given the image of a certain animal in meditation, or one presents itself in life in a way that is clearly trying to indicate a message, maybe by being in a place that is not usual, having an unexpected amount of eye contact, or being mentioned or appearing in many ways in succession. We have learnt that if you feel that draw, or you notice any of these signs, then it could be really beneficial to maybe look up the spiritual meaning of that animal to decipher its message, it may just clarify something that you’ve been mulling over for a while!



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