How a pocket book altered my life…!


I would love to share my first introduction to working with Feng Shui, it actually was a life changing experience beyond any of my expectations!

There was a period when I would say we were less than ok financially, everything was hard work and unsustainable.

I picked up a little pocket book, I believe it was the ‘Collins Feng Shui pocket book’ or something similar (I’ve lent it out so many times that I actually don’t have it to check) and I became engrossed in the intricacies and formulas of this eastern practice.

If you aren’t already aware, the system relies primarily on cardinal directions (compass bearings) so I got a compass and mapped out the floor plan of my home. The house was a Victorian terrace, basically the two front rooms with a narrower kitchen at the back, making a rectangle with a corner missing. For Feng Shui purposes the shape has to be regular, so I had to enclose a part of the back yard to make up the rectangular shape.

When I referenced the compass directions with the relevant life areas, where do you think our financial area was? Yep, it was in the missing corner, so was basically a part of our yard that wasn’t only not used, thus making our financial sector completely absent from our house, but was where we stored the rubbish!

We cleared the area, cleaned it, put pots of flowers on the panels, and made sure the curtains at the window that looked out on that area were always open, so that we could see and take in the energies from that area of the house. At the time, I admit, we didn’t really have any faith in it working, but thought, why not try, it doesn’t cost much and doesn’t take much effort, we made jokes between ourselves about what we were doing, but still had the urge to continue.

It was actually miraculous. It’s the only word for it. In a few short months we had opened a new studio, booked to get married in Las Vegas, and found and planned to move to a new house.

Now, you could say it’s coincidence (although I have learnt through experience never to believe in coincidence) but following this, we regularly checked areas with my little book ,always to noticeable effect. A little example-the garage at our new house was the in the area associated with sociability and communications, and sometimes our invitations to events and contact from friends would go off the scale-I’d say to Lee, ‘have you been sorting things in the garage or something?’ And, as I started to predict, the answer would always be yes!

Have a look at this ancient system, and dig a little deeper, a simple change can work wonders.*


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